Conan Exiles Lag Fix

Date Jan 19, 2019. Short and Sweet; helpful I hope. To stop lag/stutter: When you are done for a while, Log off from game from the drop down gump in the game.Immediately close application from PS4. Restart PS4 before logging in again. Also, I onIy keep 2 games in my library besides this; SW Battle Front II and Warframe. I have original PS4. The more crap you have in your library, the more lag.

Go to settings, turn game music all the way off!!! Big lag issue there, and on single player especially! It takes forever to pull the sound dot down on the bar, but I truly believe it resolves 50 percent of the overall lag!!!

My Issues; lag in npc and kill. kill expressions. In other words, you swing sword, then the death screams are late, not synct with the players actions. Dying noises come well after death etc. Next espcially in volcano weapon will not arm. Last (was not able to fix, but could be seen as a bonus; multiple bosses, ex. Kinscourge ( have 3 of them fighting me now everytime I’m in castle. On single player no Op, I have been catching lag. Having been a PC player of MMORGPG’s over the years, I experimented with the PS4, (Downloaded client, no disc)

In closing, the double shut down and the PS4 reboot works great for me. (shut down the game music!!!)

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