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Hi everyone!
I have a private server where I have many players, including me, complaining that some activities in the game don’t work, like the transporter stone from the last chapter and the NPCs that don’t appear in the recent chapter, 4, near the altar of Jehbbal Sag.

Is this problem in all private servers? Or even in the official ones?
My server is called “SPEKER KINGDOM” and I would appreciate the help of an administrator or staff in fixing it.

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We have had various bugs from Funcom for 2 days now. From authorization errors and inability to log into the game / not active Battle Pass to non-uploaded items or changing item IDs: you destroy one thing, but something else is being destroyed.

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Hello Warrior friend
Unfortunately I can’t access the new activities in the game and I don’t even know why!
I try to report it everywhere but the problem isn’t resolved.
Let’s hope there is a solution now!

Greetings Exiles,

It seems there was an issue with the challenges, however it seems to be resolved by now!

@SalvoSpeaker5 can you give us more details regarding the transporter stone you’re mentioning as well as the NPCs mentioned?

If possible, please add a video as well.

Thank you in advance!

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bro what about “cannot drop all” in the inventory
“cannot reequip items” unless pressing L2 and only L2 causing you to kick?!
and “cannot move 1 item, or arbitrary number” anymore. you have to move all

did you see those posts? are you aware of these issues?