Bug: NPC Breast Size Morphs always 1.00 (Age of War Ch2)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Every NPC spawns with their breast size morphs visibly at or around 1.00, regardless of their actual morph value. If thralled, then equipping a chest armor on the thrall corrects the breast size to their real morph value. This may be true of other morphs as well.

Bug Reproduction:

Spawn a female NPC that is known to have much smaller or much larger breast size than 1.00. Thrall her. Replace her chest armor. Observe the sudden growing or shrinking of the bust to the expected size.

I don’t know if the game’s default topless nudity violates the forum’s rules on “sexually explicit content,” but considering what I’m reporting it is difficult to show what I mean with censorship. Still, I did my best to try keeping this “clean.”

To begin with, this graphical bug may be true of other morphs as well. I only noticed it with breasts because the sudden differences in size are, well, in your face.

For my example, I chose the Darfari Cannibals T4 dancer. Every single T4 dancer in the game except one is set to have the minimum breast size of 0.4x (for some reason??), so that makes it easy to see on a glance. I chose Ansina because she has a chance to spawn topless, and as a dancer she keeps her spawn clothes on the wheel and after placement, so she was the best for an example.

First screenshot is a freshly spawned Ansina.


Her breast size morph is roughly around 1.00x, even though her settings say she should spawn at 0.4x. This is true whether she spawns with the darfari top or topless, and it’s also true of every female NPC in the game. The second screenshot is her on the wheel after being KO’d.


Still at 1.00x. I don’t know how the game’s actor generations work, so this could be the same size because that’s what the KO’d NPC showed or was also spawned at this size due to the original glitch being applied again. The third screenshot is placing her after breaking.


Same size.

If I open the thrall’s inventory, her 3D portrait actually shows the proper 0.4x breast size, which is visibly different than the thrall herself.

Once I put any chest armor on the thrall, her breast size instantly corrects itself and shrinks down to the expected 0.4x. It will now stay correct for the rest of this thrall’s life.

When removing the chest armor, you can see her morphs are still at the proper 0.4x now.

Here’s a comparison of before and after, where you can see the difference more clearly.

Every single female NPC in the game has the same visible breast size at 1.00x, despite whatever they should have spawned with. The only way of correcting it is to thrall her and swap the chest armor around, but that doesn’t fix any of what you encounter as enemies. Once again, this glitch may also be true of other morphs, male and female, but this morph is the easiest to notice, test, and compare.


Bad Darfari armor bad… Do you think there’s an armor top that will make the size 1, size 2 :heart_eyes:.
The best bug ever it will be :rofl:.


honestly I think a several of the character customization sliders of thralls are broken & inconsistent.

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Seems like most of the Dafari ladies run on the small side. Must be there diet

Great reporting! I feel sure I’ve noticed this myself but not enough to create such detailed documentation about it.

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I love the depth you went to to report this game breaking bug. Lol seriously tho. I love the depth and had someone not said something I would have because having the correct graphics helps with the immersion and fun of the game.

This is some great work you’re doing here. Love it.

Here’s a thought. Could we maybe allow the elixir of rebirth to randomize breasts and wangs?

Bigger boobs help servers run faster !

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