Bug of now life bar or name appearing / bug freazes menu every time I press more

Game mode: [Single-player | Co-op)]
*Type of issue: Bug
Server type: [ single player pvp]
Region: [ United states ]
Hardware: *[ Regular xbox

Bug Description:

Bug 1: No life/name/lvl bar on top of anything
I cant see any npcs life or name bars on top of them. I cant see nothing at all on top of the enemy or firendly pets/thralls npcs. It used to work when I started the world but it just stopped working. Its impossible to play without knowing what your facing or how its going.

Bug 2: Freezing menu when pressing RB for more options or when pressing split or info. The menu itself freezes but the game seems to keep running in the backround. But it doesnt let you press nothing so you have to close app.

Expected Behavior:

Bug 1: The bug seems to get activated and run threw the entire game modes. I try to play pvp , pve and single player and still the same result nothing on top of npcs. I even tried in a different account on my same xbox and still the same error but I dont get it because it was working just fine like a weak ago.

Bug 2: The freezing in the menu happen all of the sudden I figured out that by jumping to pvp pressing rb normaly and then jumping back to single player the bug fixes itself. But when starting back the app you have to do the same process again, every time.

Steps to Reproduce:

Bug 1: It seemed but Im not 100% sure, it happend when I closed my app without logging out of my world when my first purge was going to begin. I closed it because bug 2 (freezed up menu) wasent letting press anything)

Bug 2: It started to happen out of no where.

++++If any dev would like to see the error I can provide video prove threw my email because it doesnt let me upload it threw here. ++++


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