Bug official european pvp server 3176

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Europe]

Good day funcom-team,
I am playing on the official ps4 pvp server 3176. An other clan wrote me that some strange things are happening on the Server and because their english isnt that good i contact you for them. So it seems that some of their buildings disappeared and one guy send me a Screenshot where you can see someones character or a thrall flying in the air when you zoom in a little. Because this seems to happen since a new russian clan has joined the server they claim that this new clan is hacking. But i think that hacking on ps4 is almost impossible at least in other games and i dont want to accuse the new clan to be hackers without any clear evidence so we might have a bug here. So we are asking for your help maybe you can give us information if this is an already known bug that you can fix. But our biggest worry of course is that we might got some hackers on our server. So we hope you can clear this up and tell us if this is a temporary bug or if its possible that this new clan is hacking.

With kind regards and stay healthy

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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The Funcom team will need more information. Read how to report a bug I think it’s at the intro page. If that’s where their bases where a flying thralls no suprise. Did they check event log? Good luck

Hello @Canopy, thank you for reaching out!

As sestus2009 has suggested, we’ll need more information in order to determine what could be happening in this server.

Regarding the disappearing building, we’ll need the owner to check the Event Log for any relevant messages.

Regarding possible exploits or suspected hacking, you’ll have to reach out to us privately with irrefutable evidence, as indicated in our guidelines:

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