[bug] or [feature]? : wheel of pain

place a wheel of pain: shows empty. CHECK
Capture a female thrall and drag to WoP: shows a stationary generic male thrall… wait, what? Male?

Otherwise, as per patch notes, thrall didn’t start working the wheel until fed. Still, I was hoping to see the actual thrall being trained on the wheel vs a generic male figure.

I would say bug, in which case they will want more information.
like which wheel, small, medium or large and what thrall, named? t2 etc.

Eg I placed a t3 archer and Deirde Deathbringer in the medium wheel today and they both showed as they are intended.

So being more specific could help track down the bug, at the very least I or someone like me could try to reproduce it.

What droch-aon said.

Try and provide as much information as you can so a reliable test case can be determined.

Hey @IPL_Victim

Did that thrall show as a generic male after being near the wheel of pain for a while, or reloading the game, or going out and in vision range of the wheel?
For performance reasons, the game reverts to generic models until it’s been able to load back up to its normal state. Crafting stations, for instance, show also generic thralls if the game is taking a while to load all the necessary assets. Given that this issue does not seem to be widely reproduced, our best guess is that this could be the case.
Otherwise, as @droch-aon and @Multigun have pointed out, if you could provide a little bit more of information it would help us immensely to identify this possible issue.

Thanks in advance, and for trying out the Testlive build!

@Ignasis @Multigun @droch-aon

Single player, collected the T4 Performer Lianeele the Accursed from the Sipho’s Shipyard.
On placing her on the 4-slot mid-tier wheel of pain, she shows up as a naked, genetic white haired male character.

After requests for more info, I grabbed two thralls from a tent at: -240707.171875 155406.5625 -18432.810547. This is fairly close south of my camp on the river. One was a male pirate corsair priest of Derketo II. The other a female archer ‘Do Not Use’ bugged thrall. Both of these show up on the same WoP as intended… though the DO NOT USE thrall shows up in the WoP inventory as ‘Thrall’ instead of an archer icon.

I moved well outside of draw distance and returned. No change of the Performer. So perhaps it is the specific thrall bugged vs the new WoP feature?

edit: I DO like that once the thrall is done ‘cooking’ it no longer appears on the arm pushing the wheel! Also, the archer thrall ‘Do Not Use’ (assuming T1 due to speed of training) actually has a decent Accuracy growth chance vs Strength! improved feature or is this why it is ‘Do Not Use’? :smirk:

Further edit: I summoned, captured, and placed a T4 cook Ada Frostbite. She shows as expected. I summoned, captured, and placed Accursed Performer 4 (Lianeele). This time, she is showing as expected. So now my WoP has 2 Lianeele, with the first displaying as a generic male and the second showing as intended.



Thank you for going the extra mile and narrowing down the problem!

We’ve sent this info to our team so we can check if it’s this particular thrall model that doesn’t play nice with the new WoP. :slight_smile: