Greater Wheel has no thralls showing

All of my wheels are presently empty. The greater wheel does not have anything on it except the Taskmaster.

That’s in fact bad ! :confounded:

I think that the wheels would need also some love and attention. The thralls on it, if they present are still just default ones, all white haired. And i have never seen females on the wheels since i play, and that’s still EA.
There is a great mod out for wheels, showing males and females, and you can ever chose what you want, also server nudity-settings is respected. So it’s very possible to make nice working wheels.

Thralls are a key-feature in this game, so really they need bit care more, so do the wheels.

That’s after yesterday’s patch? Are they just not showing model wise or are they gone completely from the wheel inventory?

I like it.

They are not showing model wise. I will put something in it to see if the view changes. It was empty as are all the wheel in my base right now.

I think it should show the models only if we put Thralls in it, like the animal pens, makes more sense?

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Could try putting a thrall in it and yes it should only show if it have thrall in it.

are you running any mods whilst in test live?

Went and caught something and put it in the wheel.

No change…

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i confirme, no thralls showed on greater wheels.

Thralls can still be broken so far i could try in short time.

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I did go back in and add gruel to the wheel and the thrall is breaking invisibly.

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Mine is also cooking, and i’m curious about the outcome. Will we have a ghost ? :laughing:

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Thanks everyone.
We have it in our list :slight_smile:


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