Bug or maybe intended. Chestguard of the Wolf/Abyssal Maul

  • Armor used - Chestguard of the Wolf
    Depleting your stamina triggers Berserkers Protection buff. Description says health though.
    At the same time, i also get this glowing red screen, same as my health would go low.

  • Weapon used - Abyssal Maul
    Gets you heavy corrupted when using it. Feels a bit to punishing if intended.


For the abyssal maul, is this a new effect from the last patch?
And does the abyssal armour do it now?

Personal opinion but: I think its a fair effect for such cheap and powerful equipment, this will soft lock it to corruption builds, which I think is great as it gives people with 50% HP and stamina stress free access to the games best equipment.

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yeap, camed with 3.0.1. That’s why i’m not sure if intended or not. Probably goes to the “balances fixes” category :stuck_out_tongue:

It is but a bit to drastic perhaps. And also, if intended like it is now…then yeah it’s like you said. OP items will have a high cost.
You corrupt urself once while making it and then boom full corruption if u use it. Thing is that u can clear the corruption while u dont have it active, but when you use it again then u’ll be always heavy corrupted.

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It’s a bug!
They need to fix it!

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