BUG | Pets flooding PvE Server

Game mode: Online official | Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: EU

Like Ki-moon and Terrance allready told you about this issue, i try to be more specific.

After taming a pet and put them in to the world, some species of them DONT have a nameplate.(list below)
The Pets without a nameplate CANT be killed via Admin Commands, so these Pets of allready quitted players flooding the Server and the Admin CANT do anything about it. Not even the players because of PvE.

The server gets flooded more and more with unused pets from old players and the performance goes down because of this issue. Even the attempt to clean them via database is impossible because you cannot assign slaves and pets to a specific player or clan to run a script who can solve this problem.

We found out, the only way to get rid of these tamed immortal Pets is to spawn some Thralls or hostile Animals to get this immortal non nameplated animals into a fight.
If you do so, they get a nameplate and THAN they can be killed via Admin command.
But honestly, with hundreds of unused animals allready on the server, this is truely a sisyphos work and surely need a hotfix very soon before the animals seize world domination.

The following Pets CANT be killed by Admin:
Camel (ID:19113)
Gazelle (ID:19112)
Sand Reaper Green (ID:19107)
Sand Reaper Yellow (ID:19108)
Sand Reaper Orange (ID:19109)
Sand Reaper Queen (ID:19137)
Ostrich (ID:19104)
Ostrich Blue (ID:19130)
Ostrich Red (ID:19131)
Rocknose (ID:19110)
Greater Rocknose (ID:19138)
Silver-Vein Rocknose (ID:19141)
Gold-Vein Rocknose (ID:19140)
Greater Rhinoceros (ID:19136)
Rhinoceros White (ID:19134)
Rhinoceros Black (ID:19135)
Shaleback Green (ID:19114)
Shaleback Blue (ID:19115)
Shaleback Purple (ID:19116)
Shaleback Red (ID:19117)
Greater Shaleback (ID:19143)
Shaleback Pictish (ID:6353), (ID:6361), (ID:6362), (ID:6363)
Shoebill Green (ID:19105)
Shoebill Grey (ID:19133)
Shoebill Pink (ID:19132)
Shoebill Pictish (ID:6350), (ID:6356), (ID:6357)
Spider Grey (ID:19118)
Spider Green (ID:19119)
Spider Black Widow (ID:19120)
Spider Red Widow (ID:19121)
Spider Corrupted (ID:19122)
Hyena spotted (ID:19102)
Hyena striped (ID:19101)
Greater Hyena (ID:19128)

(Maybe this hint can help: Bears, Crocodiles, Wolfes, Jaguars, Panthers, Rhino Grey, Sabretooth, Tigers and Boars works just fine and have a nameplate after putting them in to the world and can be killed by Admins.)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Just spawn any Pet
  2. try to kill them via Admin commands

That’s some super detailed information and very much appreciated, thank you!
Taking it back to the team.
That’s a private server without mods, correct?

Yes a private Server without Mods.

Sidenote: We did some testings and find out that we can use CTRL+Shift+Del (AOE kill command)
on Single Player on these non nameplated Pets but it doesnt work online on the PvE Server.

Excellent detail @SirBowen

For interest (as I don’t have a similar situation on my pvt server) what happens if you spawn in a power NPC to go aggro on the pets - or do they just ignore everything?

I had to SHIFT-DEL Thralls from decayed bases, so that worked, but have not needed to remove pets as yet.

But as i said, sisyphos work with allready 700+ unused animals.

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