Bug Prioritisation

So there are several, countless bugs and glitches that need fixing.
Optimisation an overall performance enhancement that needs sorting.
Game crashes, foliage that disappears, frame drops and losing connection to server.
Colour of armour that renders differently, etc…

Instead the devs see that fixing the amount of inventory the Arcane Curio Cabinet has is of utmost importance???

Would love to know the order they prioritise bugs and glitches that need fixing.

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They for sure prioritize bugs which are reported the way they want us to do so. To use bug template and report bug in the report bug section, one by one - not everything in one inconsistent complaining post.

If it’s worth to you, use the template and report every single bug one by one. I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve by this text. We all play the game, we all see the problems and the fact is, that devs are gonna listen to the correctly posted bug report, in which more people agree and say they have the same issue.

Also not sure about the priority of the cabinet. People just mention it, it doesn’t matter they prioritize it to fix it first. And if they do, how about think about the fact, that fixing this small issue is a matter of few clicks and changing some value in code?

Those huge and ongoing issues are not that easy to resolve, so it’s logical it takes more time. Some people just get frustrated, when some of those biggies are not solved right now, when they complain.

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