Bug: Purge scaling

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: US]

Purge scaling seems to be broken. I have a private server with purge level set to 6. My understanding is that purges will still scale according to regions of the map, with the highest level purges happening at level 6 in the appropriate zones.

I built a base near the Black Hand ship and the first purge I received was hyenas and were-hyenas. Seemed the appropriate level. The second purge I received was locusts. The first wave was 4 or 5 locusts, but the second was 2 Sand Reaper Hive Queens. Those are boss level enemies with boss level hit points. They seemed a bit excessive for a level 3/4 purge area. Me and my army of thralls (5 level 3 fighters, 4 level 3 archers, 1 level 4 fighter) were severely out matched. This seems like it was dialed up too far.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I come to confirm OP issues.
i had a purge happening near the pirateship too, same story as for “abu tai” ; a lot of hyenas a several werehyenas for about 10 waves, so nothing too fancy, everything seemed to be ok. So then i decided to turn down the purge duration from 30 to 15 because 10 waves was a tiny bit too much.
Anyway it was fun but boring once i reached the 4 th wave because it just never ends untill you have done 30 min of fighting.

Then things are getting tricky when a “frozen purge” happen. What i mean by that is when you get purged in the north (near the forgotten tribe camp in that case).
Just look at this screen and beware you can’t see the whole thing on this pict, since the mess was so real.


How am i supposed to deal with THAT?
Note: these purge settings are the default settings, i didn’t change anything except the duration after my first purge in the south.
At the end of the story, i’d say i killed about 30 mamoths +, 20 frost giants +, 3 frost giant kings and about 20 sabertooths.
This should NOT be the default settings, but sthing for at least a 10 clan members because 2 or 3 mamoths at once are doable but once there are too many you just can’t save your buildings and stuff…not speaking about thralls here since they’re long dead by now.
THIS, was NOT fun.
At least i’ve learned my lesson, and i have set the purge lvl all the way down to check how it goes next time.

Suggestion to the devs: make a description in the purge settings about how many players are supposed to face each lvl of purge depending on each map area. i know it’s a recent feature and it might not be easy to make everything clear, but it’s really important imo, because otherwise players will get “frozen purged” at max lvl, they will loose evrey single building piece of their base and will end up rage quiting.

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