BUG: PvE-C Palace Destroyed (not by purge) [GAME BREAKING]



happened to me last night and will happen to lots more now that its common knowledge, even on youtube so no point telling people not to explain how to do it.


So!!! Can we all agree then that JARS SHOULD BE DISABLED UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED!!!??? This is game ending, if not. I would really like some FEEDBACK FROM THE DEVS.

As a courtesy to our wonderful Norwegian overlords, and in a silly attempt to draw their attention, I shall use Google Translate:

Så!!! Kan vi alle være enige om at JARS MÅ ELIMINERES INNTIL DETTE ER FAST! Det er spillet over, hvis ikke. Jeg vil gjerne ha noen TILBAKEMELDINGER FRA DEVS.


Oh! And so as not to leave out our friendly Dutch developers:

Zo!!! Kunnen we het er allemaal over eens zijn dat JARS MOET WORDEN UITGESCHAKELD TOTDAT DIT IS OPGELOST !!! ??? Dit is game ending, zo niet. Ik zou echt graag FEEDBACK VAN DE DEVS willen.



Ik denk niet dat jij een slachtoffer bent van deze exploit, kun je eens checken of er naast de verdwenen stukken ook schade is aan de stukken die er nog zijn? Indien niet, dan kan het niet door deze exploit geweest zijn.


Thanks for reporting this Skalla. Skalla is my neighbor on the sever and he’s been great. He supports a number of maprooms on the server and is something of an institution. I mean look how thorough his report is. After a week, this incident is no longer isolated, and a number of longstanding players have left the server. Similar MO. Purge meter full. High proflie bases oddly destroyed.

In my case, I was welcomed to the loss of 3 bases, 2 supporting public maprooms. This was my welcome back from switching out to the TestLive event last weekend. The same weekend Skalla’s base was hit. I was only gone 3-4 days for the event. I originally attributed the loss to the awkward switching back n forth from Test Live client. If this isn’t a bug, it’s an exploit & hack.

There’s been some discussion in the server chat about other bases getting hit, and there are also some cases where a mob boss is identified in the Event Log as having killed thralls in addition to the base losses. In my case, it’s a white dragon. Another players log showed a red dragon. I have/had no bases anywhere north of The Bridge of The Betrayer. That’s a hella hike to pull a mob, or someones figured out how to spawn em.

All this drama on a PVE-C server. More folks are one foot out the door because of this issue. It is game breaking, and I can’t see the upcoming Pet/New Area content succeeding while this issue remains unresolved.

Anyway, that’s my 2 coppers. While I’m at it, it would be helpful if the Event Log provided more information, a (local) time stamp for starters.


Skinny has a point. I just checked, there is no damage to adjoining blocks. So, if the jar bug would damage them too, this isn’t the jar exploit!

I will have to test this and get back to you.

Oh, and a big thank you to the guys from my server for the good words!


It doesn’t look like some violent case to me. You have so many oddly missing structures and floating objects left on your screenshots, that I hardly can imagin a raid or purge as cause. You already excluded purge, aswell. What bothers me the most is, that you have floating structures and not only thralls or placeables, which shouldn’t appear anymore, too. My first guess would be a database error of the server. Maybe a Funcom responsible can check integrity of the sql database?

Edit: An other indication is, that your base is/was the largest structure on the server and a partly corrupted database would effect you most likely first as you have many entries in the tables. Now others are effected, too which leads me to the assumption that the database has issues.


If there appear to be floating structures, I’m pretty sure that’s an optical illusion. There are fragments of flooring still attached to the walls. I’ll triple check later.


Open your gates and have someone not from your clan check the timers after restart to make sure they are all consistent.


I can now reproduce this issue. I have experienced it with the same section of my base every day since I first reported it in this thread. Here are the steps:

  1. Repair missing pieces
  2. Log off for 10-20 hours
  3. Return to see the same section of my base with missing pieces.

It is a small section of the base that appears to be affected. An area of about 5x10 square ceiling tiles, extending from ground to about four floors up. The stairs seem to go missing most regularly. Different walls and floors each time, though. Lots of my ramps and pallisades usually go as well. This happens every day, every time I get home and log back in. It’s getting to be pretty expensive to have to replace missing pieces every day.

It can’t be player damage, because I’m online during PvP hours, and the area is saturated with combat thralls. None of my archers have even used any of their arrows. My base isn’t that big either - takes maybe 10 seconds to run from one end to the other. My log is still empty. My purge meter still hasn’t reset. Nothing was stolen, and none of the surrounding structures were damaged.

Official server #1934 PvP. I can show you - outside of PvP hours, that is. Don’t want my thralls to kill you.


This thread is due to close soon. Any feedback from the devs???


We have a hotfix that is being built which will be deployed as soon as we can.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. Do they know this is NOT the jar bug? It leaves damage on nearby blocks, this does not. Hackbackwards has replicated the bug, I’m in the process of trying to, following his lead.


What kind of blocks were you using? It seemed to mainly take my Aquilonian blocks and leave others.


Sandstone mainly, with some stonebrick. I’m not very high level. Most of what goes missing is sandstone.


I do think that most of the reported ‘missing’ structures are not caused by the exploit tbh. When it is the exploit you would see ‘raid’ damage, i.e. holes in wales to get in, not entire structures missing with no collateral damage around them.


It is absolutely true that there is NO DAMAGE TO ADJOINING STRUCTURES.


This sounds more like a decay bug then. Perhaps upcoming optimization changes on how building pieces are loaded will fix this issue, as you’re not the only one who has experienced it.

The exploit was just fresh in everyone’s mind, therefore an obvious candidate for cause.


The question is, is the hotfix for the jar bug or my bug? (That has no damage to adjoining blocks).


The hotfix is for the exploit, that was my point. Tbh I think most of the reports are more a decay bug causing it rather than the jar exploit, the jar exploit is not even that exploitable(I have tested it thoroughly on a griefer’s foundation highway).


Well I logged in today and all placeables on one whole side of my base are gone and nothing in the report about it. They just dissapeared over night 1 work station 2 full chests,Some head trophys and weapons rack along with the weapons they held. poof no reason, and im on pve- confllict server 1941.