Bug Report: Attribute Growth Chance Modifier Lockout

Game mode: Online Official Testlive
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Language: Polish
Client Revision #188524/22834

I found Two types of growth Chance modifiers:

First gives big chance to one attribute

Second one gives smaller chance but for two attributes

When you give a thrall food of second type then it is not possible to swich it again to first type - modifiers stay the same like it was with previous food (some kind of lockout)
When you change the food to the other one of the second type modifiers will change (giving buffs for other two attributes)
Changing food from one of first type to other one of the same type is possible and mods are changing

When food effect decays (strength buff also disappear) then instead of no modifier appears modifier from food used before lockout

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
  1. Give a freshly spawned thrall food of first type (50 pcs of Gruel f.e.)
  2. Observe he is getting moddifier +14% strength
  3. Take Gruel from his inventory and replace it with food second type (50 pcs of Lasting Meal f.e)
  4. Observe he is getting +7% to agility and +7% to survival growth Chance
  5. Take Lasting Meal back and give Gruel
  6. Observe that previous modifiers remains (+7% to agility and survival)
  7. Remove Lasting Meal and wait until buff decay
  8. Observe that moddifier +14% strength is back now
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