Growth Chance modifiers on food (PC)

I’ve noticed each food types on diet list give different growth chance modifiers on thralls and pets.

When I tried giving my thrall Roasted Haunch It did not give any growth chance buff, Is this Intentional?

Single player, No mods Installed.

thrall fed with exquisite stew

thrall fed with roasted haunch

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Oh that’s interesting. I had no idea there was a way to influence these values post-generation.

Good find! I recall seeing the greyish % before but now I can’t recall what I did to get them. I am not sure if it was food I gave or sth else. If I remember correctly, my % was sth like 14%

Little bit OT: Seeing that bugged out 40% thrall… Its just pure nightmare fuel…

There has been a Food type/modifier lockout reported. I’m not certain if it’s intentional: perhaps the first thing we feed them gets templated?

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