Food related growth chance modifier not present

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food related growth chance modifier not present

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Give Thrall grilled steak
  2. Should provide Vitality Bonus to Growth Chanced
  3. Does not provide bonus.

Update: Now, suddenly getting bonus to Strength and Agility, 7% each. Was the affect of various foods changed? Why? :frowning:

Update 2: Switched between Pork and steaks no change in the modifiers. Looks like it is stuck in the 7/7 thing.

Update 3: Growth Chance bonus has been varying now showing 14% to Strength. Looking like there’s an issue with applying the bonus to the specified ability.

Update 4: Looks like they lose the bonus when they level and then it comes back randomly on the next kill. Now showing 14% to Vitality.

I found that they actually have to eat it to get the modifier. Open the follower’s inventory, take the stack of what food you want them to eat and remove it and then put it back so that a piece of it disappears, then check the modifiers. If you have two different foods, in their inventory, try removing the one that modifies something other than what you want for growth chances.

I’ve had his issue for over a year. No buff to the appropriate stat growth % and no extra healing benefits. Forum users wrote my problem off as I did not know how to properly use food given to a thrall or something. Sigh.

It’s been varying, thrall outfitted with steaks is not showing 14% to Strength. And at various times he has showed no bonus at all.

This has been working pretty well for me up to now.

I had same issues and question but i think i read somwhere the food actually changes the bonuses only if its the first food consumed after leveling. It seemed to work that way when i tested it. Ofc at 0 level it will change every time, since it will be the food consumed after leveling, before gainign additional xp
I will try to find i the source and will update with it.

I’m seeing that, initially after leveling they have no bonus, but then it comes back randomly, and not necessarily to the attribute that the food should be enhancing. I don’t have an issue with the reset at leveling, but having the food not provide the chance to increase the ability you want is an issue.

Ok, then maybe its another thing.

Now it seems to be working normally. I’ll keep monitoring it with this new Thrall and see if it starts getting flaky again.

Whenever I give a thrall food, I immediately right click on the food in their inventory to force them to take a bite. Just like you would do with healing wraps in their inventory. Once they start eating it, they remain on the buff. Additionally, I’ve found that if there is food in a thrall pot, they prefer that over their own inventory. Make sure you don’t have one of those near, that has any food in it.

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My thrall pot seems to have stupid long range. I can have it at the crevice in the north and be in the Unnamed City and my thrall will still eat from the pot.

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