Thrall perk growth chance bonus seems bugged

Game mode: [Online | official pve
Problem: | Bug |
Region: [Here] oceanic

I fed my thrall a lasting meal yesterday (ran out of gruel whilst out and about) so about 8 hrs ago and the growth chance bonus will not change now no matter what I feed her.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Feed thrall lasting meal
  2. Go to bed
  3. Wake and play Conan (this is normal right? :blush:)
  4. Notice that feeding her gruel is not giving her the bonus growth chance to strength and the lasting meal modifiers are still there
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Getting thrall hurt, with new food on them and letting them eat it (or force feeding after they heal) fixed it for me. (thou sometimes its been picky…)

That’s not working for me unfortunately. Server should have restarted since I last tried so I’ll let you know. Thanks for advice :+1:

Have tried most foods now. Server has restarted twice. My thrall still refuses to drop the lasting meal bonus in favour of anything else. @Community when you get a bit of time can you bump this over to the fix team? Sorry to pester but don’t want this one to slip past attention as it’s a pretty important part of the thrall levelling process. Thanks in advance :blush:

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