Thralls bonus percentage to increase perks bugged

Game mode: [Online | official pve
Problem: bug thralls bonus percentage to perk increase unable to change
Region: oceanic server

For the last 5 or so days I’ve been attempting to get the effects of Lasting Meal to replace on one of my thralls. I fed them a lasting meal which gave a 7% increase to chance of increasing agility and survival. Since then no matter what food I put in their menu the growth chance bonus will not change. I’ve tried the following

  • waiting for the bonus to wear off. No change
  • taking the thrall out having it damaged than force feeding to heal. No change
  • Removong all equipped items and placing gruel. No change

I can’t think of anything else that I could try to get this to change and I don’t want to use the thrall anymore until it’s fixed as I want certain attributes to increase and want to maximise my chance of doing so.
I posted this before and didn’t get a response so @Community pleass can I get some clarification as to whether this is intended, is lasting meal actually literally lasting or is this a bug?
It’s an important aspect of thrall levelling and the force feeding seems to have worked for others but it’s not for me. Thank you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Feed thrall lasting meal to heal when out of gruel.
  2. Try to feed gruel to get strength increase growth bonus
  3. Not be able to change the growth increase bonus no matter what I try.

Hello there exile.

You sure took the “Lasting Meal” name to a whole new level.

Have you tryed recovering your thrall from the followers menu?
Maybe let his HP go down a bit then feed him the new food?
If nothing works make him capture a twin brother and delete the bugged one.

And hopefully this gets fixed. With the other 999+ bugs.


None of the mentioned things work for me and I’m not deleting him thanks anyway. I’ll wAit a while to see what funcom says first. Cheers for the advice.


Hey @Darkzombie

Does this issue only happen with this thrall in particular, or does it show with any thrall in general?

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Hi @Ignasi thanks so much for the reply. I’ll have to test some more as I don’t usually feed my thralls anything but steak or gruel. I’ll chuck a lasting meal into another thrall and see what I come up with.

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Thank you, please let us know. If it’s a generalized issue, there might be a bug in there. Otherwise, if it only affects this thrall in particular, it could be that it’s a legacy thrall (some newer systems were known to possibly break on old thralls). Just to confirm before we pass the info to our team.

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I just chucked a lasting meal into a different thrall and he too is refusing to drop the bonuses for it in favour of anything else, so it’s not confined to any particular thrall. Hope this helps.

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Actually the test thrall has just dropped the lasting meal bonus after leveling up, so at worst I’d say it only gets stuck for that level progression. I can deal with that. Thanks for the help but I’d be putting this pretty low on the priority list given this development. Cheers :+1:


Thank you for the confirmation. We’re going to ask our team to check these bonuses just in case there might be some issue with the UI not relaying the information in a reliable way (best case scenario) or some other issue that could’ve caused this.


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