Bug Report: Call of The Dead does not spawn undead

Game mode Singleplayer,
Game type  PvE 
TestLive client (#398570/34354)
Detailed information of the occurrence

Clean testlive installed no mods or changes.

Call of the dead summons fog but does not spawn undead in the fog


Thank you for your report. Can you share with us your game’s graphic settings?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Mayra I commented on this yesterday. The spell works great in open ground but if cast near mountains, buildings or other obstructions they get stuck. I’ve seen the HP bars moving around inside mountains and even under the ground.

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Hi @Mayra I captured the first video for you showing my thralls attacking call of the dead zombies as they emerge from the ground. As you saw in that video I was in an open, flat area and the spell itself worked with no issues. Here is another video for you, recreating the bug where the call of the dead zombies do not spawn. As you can see I cast the spell while standing on a rock close to a mountain, this causes the zombies to spawn under the mesh and not emerge. In the video you can see glimpses of their HP bars and you can hear them spawning but you can’t see zombies coming out anywhere in the area.

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Thank you for the information and video. We added it to the original report.

Thank you for your assistance in this investigation! :slight_smile:

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