Testing Magic and Questions

Hello Exiles

So how much play has everyone had with magic?

My question revolves around the Fog and Zombies spell.

So I cast the Fog spell, which according to the description is also supposed to spawn zombies within the fog. So I cast the fog, which looked great, but no zombies to be seen. My thralls around my base were definitely on edge, as if there were zombies around, but I never saw any.

What experience have you had with this spell? What happened for you?

Are there certain conditions for the zombies to appear? Like do you need to have the attention of an enemy first? Do you have to have enemies in the area? Will zombies spawn in the fog if there are no enemies around?

I can share that I had no enemies in the area. I cast the fog and no zombies appeared in the fog.

Onto the ice bridge. I cast the ice bridge and all that appeared was a slab of ice only a foot high. I was standing in front of a cliff edge and was hoping the ice bridge would grow up to the cliff edge. But just got a slab on the ground. How far away do you need to be standing from your target? Can you cast an ice bridge while standing on building foundations? Does the ice bridge only work if you are standing on the ground? I was standing on a platform at my base facing a cliff edge and this did not work. What happened for you?

The lava wall is simple and easy to use. I can confirm that standing near it will cause bleed damage.

The harvesting resources spell is also simple and easy to use. I can confirm that it works well, and I tested the range to find that it is not very far, or has a small reach of only about 10 metres.

What else have you played with?

Share your experiences!


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