Bug Report: Thralls taking food without eating


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Region: [ NA/Canada, no server/offline play ]
Hardware: [ Base PS4/non-Pro PS4 ]

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So, it’s my understanding that, at one time, Thralls could starve to death. They needed to consume food, typically drawn from Thrall Pots, or else eventually they’d drop. It’s also my understanding that this system was supposed to be removed at some point and Thralls would no longer starve to death. One of the legion performance issues that’s prevented me from so much as booting up the game for weeks is thus: Thralls are pulling food out of the Thrall Pots at alarming rates…And then not eating. I run around and check the inventories of all my Thralls and each and every one of them had an inventory stuffed full of meat and the resulting rotten meat from their failure to consume. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else mention this and I don’t want it to slip under the QA radar.

Expected Behavior:

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Either Thralls have hunger and thus consume food, or don’t pull food from the Thrall Pot, at all. If they’re meant to use food for healing, that’s fine and makes sense, but none of them are injured and are simply wasting resources. I got to a point where the entire process of tending to the Thrall Pot was an utter annoyance and I shamelessly used admin commands to stuff the pot, knowing I’d just have to do it again in less than an hour of gameplay. Why would I farm resources that my Thralls are just going to flush down the toilet?

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As far as I know, you simply need a Thrall Pot and to put food in it with Thralls around. Since I haven’t seen anyone else bring this up, though, maybe something simply broke in only my game? I don’t remember this ever happening before 2.4. What in God’s name did this patch do to our game, lads? :disappointed:


I wasted alot of time on feeding and I personally just use the thrall pot as a storage chest for things other than food. A stack of food for the active “following” thrall is enough and I don’t worry about the defensive ones.


Just checked my wife’s offline game some have food some don’t everyone health is good. Thrallpot food disappearing to fast would only use during a purge and couldn’t get food on everyone fwhen you logout east enough. Besides everything should be paused. Have had Thralls on official with no food for days no issues that was before last update I believe.

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You can always change your settings for thrall food needs.

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Hey, thanks, I guess that’s what I’ll probably end up doing if I ever boot Exiles back up before the patch, just lower their food needs. As long as nobody’s actually going to starve to death and the Thrall Pot basically just distributes food for healing during Purges, I can work with that, lol


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