Thrall pots are not

Thrall pots are not distributing food in single player game. This means no thrall healing during purges unless you put food on each individual thrall which is a pain in the backside.

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I thought so too - in the 3.01 TestLive. But then I saw a few of my 40 did have some. So I dunno if it’s working intermittently or if they immediately eat what they take and take only when they need - which would be a bug fix. :wink: Check the number of items in the thrall pot, then kite some enemies in (the more the better), then check the number of items in the thrall pot again.

It seems like they’re eating but it’s different than in 2.8 - lemme know what you find out.

No, they’re definitely not taking any food from the pot. I put in one stack of gruel and a stack of savory steak and lured in some bears and wolves. My thralls didn’t take any of the food at any point.


When I take a thrall with me for help, or to level them up, my thrall will take food out of the thrall pot… even if I am quite far away from the pot.

I just started playing on a PvE server. I was almost exclusively a SP Conan Exiles gamer, due to lag and ping issues, but I wanted to ascertain whether it was an issue that was related to my PC’s resources. It turns out that this issue happens on the PvE server too.

I hope my comment isn’t off topic. If it is, I offer my sincerest apologies.


It’s not off topic. And I do hope the @Community sees and addresses this. It’s not a show-stopper but it’s quite inconvenient and with the new thrall resets it could be a little dangerous. :slight_smile:

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