[Bug] Respawn of knocked out NPCs

Respawn of knocked out NPC’s.

I was playing in single player mode and had the respawn timer set fairly fast (1 or 2 minutes) to get a good handle on the changes to New Asagarth.

First I love the changes, it’s more difficult, and with the addition of the Chieftain spawn it can be very rewarding.

However I knocked out all the fighters and archers, killed all the wolf pets and NPCs that can spawn as a named NPC. While the fighter and archer NPCs were knocked out they respawned, even though their placeholder was knocked out.

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This sounds like an intended change to me. Players previously would use this on servers to keep others from gaining the Thrall.

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This is unfortunate though. This can be used to create an NPC camp with 1000s of NPCs - maybe. Knock them out, but a respawn pops up, then the original wakes up… Is there a limit to how many of that spawn can exist in that spot?

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Ever with a limit, i think knocked out thralls should respawn, they have to wake up, or been replaced if they are captured or killed. Then, the other point, make them respawn while knocked out isn’t immersive at all.

I mean, if a village has 20 thralls, they should not double number, or simply become more because they attacked. This makes no sens to me.

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Well I think that under vanilla settings of what, 10 minutes to respawn, it would take a while to “double up.” Knocked out Thralls are also unconscious for 60 minutes (default settings).

What about meeting both half way, and causing the knocked out Thrall to die if not put on the wheel in time? Immersion wise, head injury or whatever, you didn’t treat them soon enough (or whatever other RP thing you feel like spinning in your head). Functionality, keeps it from being exploited, not to mention the likely performance issues this could cause. And if you need to increase (double?) the amount of time you have until the Thrall dies from a state of unconsciousness, that would work too.

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Yes, This is a fantastic idea. Death by KO

Definitively yes, this is a much better idea !
Game-play shouldn’t break immersion, but help to get them, and this is way the best idea i think.

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