Bug: Specialist Ammunition IV Unlockable In Feats [spoilers]

Game mode: Online | Single Player
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: Not germane
Region: NA

Specialist Ammunition IV can be unlocked through the Feats UI, rather than with the scroll/piece of paper from the BirdBat Cave.

To reproduce:

  1. Get to Level 60
  2. Hit “i”
  3. Click Feats | search: Ammunition
  4. Click to unlock Ammunition IV.
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I can confirm that once the prereqs are meant in the dev kit (specialist ammunition 2, steel tools, bow) it can be unlocked via standard feat points.

I just am not sure if that was intended (I haven’t been paying attention as far as where to unlock the new stuff) or if its mean to be unlocked via what Barnes describes (needing scrolls or whatever).

When you kill the boss, you receive a Skeleton Key, a Fragment of Power and a Parchment Note. When you use the note, you unlock Specialist Ammunition IV. I am certain the tree is a mistake.

Edit. Confirmed: Shrouded Child of Jhil drops SCROLL to unlock Specialist Ammunition IV.

I think I found the issue in the dev kit. I’ll DM appropriate peeps.

Hey @Barnes

We’re aware of it and it’s been fixed internally :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.


Thank you!

Props to @Cauthey and his clanmate bazinga for discovering the discrepancy and helping confirm it! Barbarian YAWP!

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So I bought it with feat points I accidently gained by eating a tablet of power. Because I have eaten a lot of those now.

Does this mean it will be gone.

I didnt even realize it was not as intended.

This isn’t like errant Serpent-Man sets being craftable by T4 thralls, this is the OP ranged armor-melting killer be-all weapon that PvP (and PvE I’m hearing) players should and can preventatively wall off.

I would assume a Feat Reset would be appropriate.

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