BUG | Story related Braga exists twice. 😱

Not a gamebreaker but iam sure it is a bug. :bug:
Braga, a story related NPC, has two different spawns close together.

1st) His regular and intended spawn at this small centered island camp south of Mounds of the Dead.

TeleportPlayer -226665.765625 -98274.789063 -4296.412598

2nd) His spawn near the northern entrance of Mounds of the Dead where normally archers and fighters staying around these cliffs to protect the camp. So i guess this one is the wrong one. :bulb:

TeleportPlayer -224332.34375 -123097.804688 -2642.878174

For an quick overview :eyes: how close these two spawns really are, and why they breaks all immersion of a real world. :broken_heart:

P.S. I checked both Braga spawns via Admintool and killed :hocho: him dozends of times, to make sure, he is not just a part of a fighter spawntable and shares his spawn with other fighters and archers.
Both are just Braga only spawns.



Thanks again for the detailed feedback, @SirBowen
We’ll inform our team to send him a note making crystal clear where he belongs to in the grand scheme of things.


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