Braga duplicate

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Not sure everyone notice this so I thought I letting you team know that Braga brought his twin brother and he stay next one of the cimmerian camp.

almost kill him though

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go there at Mounds of the dead
  2. Look for him at the west side of the Cimmerian camp
  3. Then say hello to him I guess?
  4. Kill him and he will come back again.

i know, you can meat him several time around the mounds.

But it’s not the only one. Danissia Snowhunter is also omni-present, and on the mounds, the volcano, and in purges.


We caught two of Crui(whatever) the crusader at the Black Galleon once.

Only seen Danissia SnowHunter duplicates around the mounds so far.

On our server he has moved to the west permenantly. He’s no longer in the lake.

Definitely at the Mounds for sure. I found myself fighting three DS’s at once recently. Hahaha.


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