Double Dina still a thing

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: oceanic

Just ran past a camp with 2 dina’s in it after the patch

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Walked a little further, found another Dina about 3 foundation away

Why is this a problem? Just leave it, or you might find there are no Dinas anywhere (see Captain).

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Apparently it was fixed in the patch, so just reporting it

I know they said it was fixed, but the over-correction sometimes just makes it worse. Better to to just be glad we get the extra archers or hearts.

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Archers, we decided since she looked confused and under-dressed for the conditions that we should take her home and look after her

For what it’s worth, the hearts can be taken to Hanuman’s and exchanged for Yeti pets.

Yeah I know, we have several hearts in storage since we had no use for them, so kitted her out with a set of epic gear and put her on the walls

I guess it depends on what they fixed. Technically, pretty much any Thrall can spawn multiple times nearby each other. If its a dedicated spawn just for her then ya, that’s would be an issue. If it’s random spawns, could have just gotten insanely lucky. I’ll make a note of it though when I do my thrall checks for my mods and report back in my usual bug reports. Thanks for the heads up.


It’s a dedicated spawn for her. There are 3 places she spawns near the northern aqueduct. She roams and I’m unsure of her path but they may come close to each other or she may path far enough away from her spawn point to warrant a second spawn.

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Hello @Tytan, thank you for your submission, this should have been corrected in the latest patch indeed.

We’ve poked the developers in this regard, they’ll look into it as soon as possible.

Can confirm on x box its the same she stilll show up whit her twin sister

I have always enjoyed the extra hearts. I’ve found six Varpnirs around the dam at one time. I don’t hear complaining that we should stop that bald archer from showing up. There are two places where Dina has a dedicated spawn point. Can we just leave it alone?

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Actually instead of 3 there’s now 4. I always find 2 at the spawn under the aqueduct now

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