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Well recently i was roaming around the northern aqueduct. Dina the master huntress usually spawns on the second northern pillar and than goes her rounds. Well this time there were two of them. After i killed them i headed east to the rotbranch to get the key and take the legendary weapon. Guess who was standing next to the rotbranch? Right! Clone Huntress number 3. After i killed her and than attended to the rotbranch i headed up north to the white dragon. When i came back down to the aqueduct there they were again. The redhead olson twins. And the third was at the rotbranch as well:grinning:

I know. You put a secret future clone facility beneath the reservoir there. Thats where they all come from.

Is this intended?

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I have had this same issue with a spear T4 thrall near the pet merchant at the beach the ones who provide the spider, sand reaper, an whatever the last one was. I noticed that 1 ambushed me in a spot not normal to his actual location and then one further down the beach and one in it’s normal location so this is weird as I’ve found 3 in the stated location and I was smart enough to slave them all muahahaha. But yes this is a issue it seems, @Ignasi

Forgot to ask was this an official server? As mine was.

Player on my server last week showed me a video got 3 Dina in less than 10 minutes private gportal server . Ps4

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Hello SabunoHakia,

Yes its an official PvE Server. I wouldn’t call it an issue per se. If you want to stock up in Archers this is quite convenient actually :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if CloneDina is intended :slight_smile:

so its not just on official servers its on privates as well. :slight_smile:

But on the other hand i right now ran into hosh the venomous in the volcano three times. One on the bridge near the obelisk and two in the well of skelos on different floors.

It’s not unusual for named thralls to duplicate because some have a random chance of popping up in multiple locations. The votaries are a prime example of this. I have had runs where I’ve nabbed three of the same named in one fill up of the wheel. One day was so crazy I nabbed 2 of 2 different named thralls and then had to transport to another wheel 4 more named thralls (2 of which were the same). Sometimes… you don’t see any. It’s random. Enjoy the moment. This was official PVE btw.

Yeah Dina seems common, I had at least 4 of her on my walls (just PvE) solo.

Still it was an easy thrall to capture. Not too sure how effective she is as an archer though.

Same as other named archers from that region… but the names are supposed to get buffs, so we shall see.

Hey there,

This issue should be fixed with the upcoming patch. Clone wars averted.
Thanks for your feedback.

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