[bug] Transferred char is bugged on import server

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: EU
Mods? : No

Bug Description:

I exported a character (lvl around 39-40); then checked another server where I had another character; I deleted that character (level 14); ->I stayed in the server menue, this seems to be the wrong<- and imported my character. There came an error message like “import not succesful” and server seemed to crash. It took about 10 minutes until I saw him again in the server browser. My toon was imported with all attribute points and talents in a level 2 character.

Now my char is bugged, it has too many attribute points which are reset ever here and there.

Expected Behavior:

succesful import

Installed Mods:

No Mods

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. export a char
  2. make a new char on another server, delete it but stay then in main menu and import the former exported char

My char is ############ on server ####

Could someone please fix my char and put it correct on level 39 or 40 again with correct attributes?

1 - delete your character on the target server and exit the game
2 - wait at least 10 minutes (the more the better!)
3 - enter the game, export to the source server.
4 - import on the targert server.

If you mix everything and do not wait a little, you will have problems with servers databases.

yes, after getting this problem I thought this was it.
Sadly this wasn’t mentioned in the FAQ, only that you should have no char.

Still my problem is around that i have a bugged char on that server.
Is there any service hotline in this company?

And I mixxed nothing. I deleted the char and thought it is deleted. That you have to restart the game I didn’t know b4. Would be nice to mention such stuff in the Faq. As it is really not automatically something that comes into your mind. Not everyone is a specialist in how the servers, the conan game servers, handle their DB, or how lazy things are implemented… A company maybe could grey out the import function if a char was deleted without reconnect to that server. I am sure not the only one who will be trapped by this.
Would be ofc. a little bit more work to do. Or maybe write it at least in the faq?

I guess the only “service solution” is to delete the char, right? Not that i am not used to it to start over or that something doesn’t function in this game… Business like usual which makes you sometimes really tired.

#Btw. Is there really no service adress somewhere, just the Forum? Mail seems only for report cheating. So zero support, is this correct or did I miss something? Just bug reporting on Forum, that’s all?

#Btw2 seems I crashed the server with it. If this is true this would be a nice method for trolls to kill databases on servers. May have a look into it someone somewhere some time if anyone who might be in charge for such stuff eventually reads this on accident when he is back from his break on Ursa Minor Beta.

No, there isn’t. Forums are the official channel for bug reports, ZenDesk for reporting infractions and connectivity issues on officials. You could try submitting a ticket to ZenDesk, they may be able to assist you:


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ok, thank you. I delete the toon .

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