[Bug]Two severe bugs with alcohol

Game mode: Private server, 8th release day patch
Problem: Bug

Free text:
Well, rather more one severe bug and one just very annoying.
Starting with annoying one. Since release patch, alcohol buffs (+3 to str and +3 to vit) disappears immediately after you get any damage.
As of severe bug. Even after alcohol buff disappears, you get unending health regen, as long as you stay logged it. More to that, over time that health regen seem get increased. If at the beginning you might have quite slow health regen, after several hours you might see your entire health get restored in one tick.
That happens even in combat. There is delay when effect kicked it after you last time receive damage, but its still quite easy to trigger.
As you can imagine that quite a game breaking bug.

Tested it for several days already, so that absolutely not just one time bug.

Repro steps:

  1. Get drunk (drink 5 alcohol drinks), either wait until alcohol poisoning wears out on its own, or remove it with antidote.
    2.Try to hurt yourself. Falling damage, environmental damage, or just been hit in combat.
    3.Observe as you health start regenerating on it own after a short delay, without eating anything or drinking any potions
    4.Observe as regular alcohol buffs disappears as you fist time receive damage. Icons disappear on main screen, disappears on stats bar, and no effects in attributes bar (ie your strength stays at 17 points, where it suppose to be buffed to 20)

Hey Wyrm. This looks like two separate bugs I reported.

Fist, all buffs are removed from taking any damage, not just alcohol buffs.
Second, dancers stack semi-permanent health regen on you. I don’t think it’s from the alcohol.

I used to keep alcohol buffs on all the time before the Healing Rebalance patch broke all the buffs.