Bug with a jobe cluster


Ok the other day I noticed there is no jobe cluster for add cold damage but there is very every other damage type.

Is there a reason for this or is just a bug?


It’s a bug/omission, but not a recent one. There hasn’t been a cold damage cluster since 2002, when jobe clusters were introduced :slight_smile:


Would love for this to be fixed as one of my characters does cold damage


Use the Poison Injector Bracelets from Arete. Poison exists in those jobe clusters.

Just a temp fix, but would be great if they could add Cold dmg in clusters.


Unless you are a soldier, in CAC and use skawt’s gun…


I’m not sure what CAC is but yeah I’m a froob soldier using Skawts



Ah yes, no I don’t use that


Nano Delta Shiny (Right-Wrist) is also bugged. It is only available in qls 201 - 300 (refined clusters)


You can roll nano delta clusters as mission reward too. Buying them would be more convenient, but maybe this helps you :slight_smile:


No as in they’re not actually in the game’s item database in ql 1 - 200


It’s just called differently:


Oh would you look at that, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Hrrrm, not buyable in implant shop, so still bugged


This one cannot be found in shops afaik, however as Saavick mentioned you can roll it as a mission reward (up to QL200).