+% All Defense Custers - Very Awesome!

I am posting to share some info for any Froob players out there.

I tried these +% All Defense Jobe clusters in the Rarm and Larm on my Engineer. The base QL100 is Title 3, right?! So why not. I have to say these Jobe clusters were worth the pain to build into implants since they are very good at reducing damage - I do not avoid damage entirely but they do help reduce critical hits taken. They pair well when using the Agg/Def slider with a compromised decent attack speed.

In the opposite end, I put +% Offensive in the arms for my agent. He gets hit far more often compared to my engineer with the +% Defense being same level range.

They are Froob friendly and worth the effort while leveling a character for two arm implant slots, IF those slots are not hyper critical for weapon skills: or maybe swapable once the weapon is equipped since you still get weapon skill on a QL100+ implant (but higher QL increases the Title requirement)