Optimum Implant Stage levels 130-200 for Froobs

I play a subbed account and several Froob accounts and have been away from the game for a number of years. I want to take several froob toons that are around level 130 all the way to 200, but I am in no rush. They both have around level 126 implants at the moment. I am not talking about twinking, just good implants to make the road to 200 smoother. My paid toon is nearing the point where it can make up to 200 QL implants. I realize with unlimited resources some folks are able to put level 200 implants into level 100 or lower toons, but thats not me, I am not in an org with VTEs in the bank etc.

I know if you have the time and resources you could practically be laddering in new implants with every few levels, but are there optimal progression points (toon level and implant level) where you get the most bang for the buck? (Every 10-20 levels etc. or just the highest you can afford/have the resources for?)

Other than the quirky L100 Jobe implant break when TL3 (L50) characters can wear precisely QL100 Jobes there really isn’t a sweet spot you’re hoping for (QL101 Jobe cluster implants are level limited to characters TL4 orL100+).

Most professions do begin to hit Ability soft caps for TL5 at about level 128+. It’s that level of 128-150 period which is kind of a frustrating. With that in mind, you might replace select implant slots for whatever skills requiring important improvements until you get to L150. It all depends on what you want to do; if all you really need to do is complete dailies then you can probably let some implants lag behind. If you’re trying to solo or molo max hard team missions then you’ll probably need to just stop and do the implant work regardless of time and credit constraints.

I generally wear the best Jobe addalldef, + experience and skill lock implant clusters possible and sometimes let other things lag behind unless I’ve got a really good weapon or nano upgrade just waiting to be used.

Check out this aofroobs post, may be what you are after: http://aofroobs.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=735

Gets 200 imps in 2 “steps” on a level 100 soldier.

Edit: Just reread your post and this isn’t quite what you’re after. I’ll throw in my view though: after 125 imps at level 60 I normally throw on 150s at level 90 and approx 185s about level 120 if I don’t feel like stretching to ql 200s