Bug with nameplates and health bars

I haven’t been able to see nameplates nor healthbars for the last 2 days on both the server i play on and my single player world, its happen before but it kinda just fixed itself but it didn’t last this long.

Hey @TJslyfe412

Could you check if “Show nameplates” is enabled under the game’s options?

For me health bars show but it takes forever for the name plates to appear. When I am somewhere with alot of npcs all I get is health bars and the npcs are invisible. I think it is simply lag and the game not being able to render things nearly fast enough. Before update 41 I would wait just outside an area such as New Asgard or Mounds of the dead for a few minutes to allow game to catch up, not ideal by any means but at least you could play. But since update it doest matter nothing renders in unless you are right on top of it and even then it can take several minutes or it may just crash and dashboard.

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