[Xbox]Just got the game, why am I the only one who cant see nameplates?

My clanmates just told me there’s health bars on bosses when we fight them but I never seen it. I have to knock thralls out to see what they are while my friends can just walk up and see the name above their head. Ive uninstalled and redownloaded it. Changed the “show nameplate” setting multiple times. Singleplayer suffers the same problem. I love everything about this game but im really getting tired of not knowing what anything is. (im playing on an original xbox one)

I get that problem too.
I usually fix it by quitting the game.
by that I mean exit the game and go to home screen then highlight conan and press the start button and select quit. this will close the app.
restarting the app should fix the problem.

If that fails reboot the xbox.
to keep it from coming back make sure you quit the app every time you are finished playing.
my guess is there is some memory issue that occurs when the xbox goes into sleep mode.

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I tried hard reseting but it didn’t change anything. No name tags. I also deleted the saved data but again, not fixed. :frowning: here’s hoping full release fixes it.

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I also have the same problem. Ive been deleting game save data from wverywhere local and online. Then clear local saved data in storage settings. Then hard reset xbox by holding button down and unplugging 30 secs. Seems to work most of the time. Very annoying bug

I couldn’t see nameplates or health bars and on ark I couldn’t type and I found out that there was a guitar hero usb thing plugged in and I removed it and I see names and health bars and can type on ark now

I had this problem also. Funcom Support helped by informing me that having a second controller plugged in may call we this. I unplugged my second controller and restarted the game and the nameplates and health bars were back.