Still can't see nameplates

Im still the only one of my friends that can’t see nameplates. I’ve literally done everything I can to fix it. Deleted the game, deleted local and online cloud saves, turned the settings off and on, hard reset, joined new servers, tried different game types. NOTHING. I’m practically missing out on most of the game because I’m not going to know what anything is. Since I’ve gotten the game a few weeks ago, I’ve never seen a nameplate or health bar.

Game mode: All of them.
Problem: Bug
Region: East Coast, USA

Do you by any chance have more than one controller attached.
I get that bug and it seems to happen when there is a second controller active

Actually yes I do when I use my mic. Testing it now. I didn’t even think about that, thank you!

EDIT: Names popped up the moment I touch a button on the control. Didn’t even have to unplug it. You are a legend!!

EDIT2: Now I’m experiencing some crazy glitch with the nameplates not leaving the screen. Starting the game with the second controller off fixes it.

Good to hear. I thought I was the only one having that problem

GENIUS! u are… it worked here too, read your message, looked at the second controller plugged into the xbox-x for charging purposes, removed from port and started working with critters having health bars again! Thank you for posting this… I was losing it trying to figure it out and it was sitting on top of the console the whole time, odd bug.

NOTE: after i did this, went back into game to test and would get kicked out, crash, after a minute or so, no longer. Went exit out, went into Single player mode, tested ok and wandered around for 60sec, closed, went back to online mode and no more crash within 60 sec, Saw this in-game preview too. Hope that helps anyone.

THANK YOU for the quick fix ! Genius you are!

Gota wonder what else this borks. Lol