Gamer/NPC name plates

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Region: [US]
I’m on official server 2777. I cannot see any name plates for health bars for NPC or players. My husband is on the same server with no issues. All the boxes are check marked in the settings to show them. Any suggestions?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there, do you have a second controller connected?

If so, could you please try unplugging it and restarting the game with only one controller, and let us know if this works out for you?

I do not have a second one connected. Each Xbox ones have their own. Our server has now been down 3 days as well…

Hi, Same thing happening to a player on my server. No second controller connected. She can’t thrall effectively like this. Please help. Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know, we’ve registered the issue for further investigation by the developers!

On a final note, did you try toggling the Show Name Plates setting off, restarting the game, then toggling it on again?

Thank you. Yes, I tried to toggle it off then back on and it didn’t do anything. I also uninstalled/reinstalled the game. However, the server has been gone for a while now so I couldn’t get back in.

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