No name plates. Dude just help

Checked settings. They work i can hide weapon. Can not turn on name plates.

Novice with this style of customer service. Is there no way to talk with someone?

What name plates are you trying to turn on? You can see health bars but no name plates on non-human npc.


Level of npc, type of npc, health bar and concussive bar. I unistalled game. The prob is in all log ins and servers. Including creative mode.

I have played w others who can see info about thralls, beasts, npc’s, enemies. The border for named thralls. Non of that exhists for me anymore in any aspect of the game. Only time is once they are dead and i loot corpse.

Same problem on official server. No name plate, health bar, concussion bar, border for creatures, npc, enemies, passive potential thralls in towns, owned thralls or un owned thralls.

Were four threads for the same issue necessary?

@Community could probably merge all these into one

To attempt to help; have you checked your settings for contextual healthbars? It hides healthbars of things not in combat around you, and there’s a range slider.


Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Bazaar
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Raven

Bug Description:

No display of npc info

Bug Reproduction:

No idea

If i could reproduce the problem i would not have a problem. Offline and on 4 different servers PVE and PVE-C I have no way of seeing other characters(players, NPC, Thralls, Combatants) health, concussive dam, name, type, level or T4 Border. I have reinstalled game, reset settings to default and compared all setti g to friends who do not have issue. Please help.

Trying to fix a bug. In all aspects of the game on all servers and playing style. I can not see thralls, enemies names, name border, health bar or concussive bar. From any distance including creative mode. I have defaulted settings, reinstalled game used different user profiles all with same issue. For the love of the game, please help.

Not a texter. Appologies for typos.

Self diagnostic: second controller if on when game is started removes name plates.

No but i was able to fix the problem and recreate bug. Turning on game with a second controler on turns off the text and bars w/o. The settings have no affect. When this bug is active.

I’m not sure what platform you’re on since you mention Xbox in the report but PC in the thread. In any case, if you’re on Xbox, there’s an issue when you have two controllers connected. I discovered this last year when charging one controller while playing with another.

If you have two or more controllers connected, try disconnecting all but one and restart your game.

(I guess this could be the same cause on PC if that’s what you’re using).

do you have the option “show name plates” in the gameplay menu enabled?

Poor devs having to sort through pointless stuff like this.

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