Bug with purge. No purge indicator in the inventory and no purge happened in the game

Game mode:
Type of issue:

Server type:
I don’t know, it’s for my boyfriend and i don’t know this information :confused: but he plays alone in the single mode.
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Xbox one

Bug Description:

There is no purge indicator in the inventory. There is only a fine line with a white section instead of the large bar whith clear section. But no “purge” written or any other type of information.

The player is level 30 but no purge happened yet and the base is not in the south of the map.

Expected Behavior:

He wants to know if its normal. We are quit sure there is a bug because the visual of the purge indicator is special and different feom what it looked like before
We want to know how to solve the problem. We would like to have purge. We don’t know if this bug require to uninstall and re install the game.

Steps to Reproduce:

I don’t think it can be reproduced. It is like that since we download a big update after a period without playing.

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