Bug with the inventory lost some great stuff

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [EU, SERVER 3050]

I write for my dad his name in the game is Toberot he played today and he had his sword at the selection wheel and after he will take his legendary sword to the inventory and he open the inventory and the sword isn’t in the inventory. He lost the legendary sword after he take it in the inventory. Than he lost his tool, gold and other things that he had it in the inventory.

Please fix this many bugs because we dont had so much fun at the game and we dont want to play a game with so many bugs and problems, because we lost the fun and interesting…we had so much CE- Problems, problems with the workbenches to produce some items weapons or armor, our base doesn’t load very fast and some other performance problems at the ps4.

Sometime things do go missing, but in the cases I have had they appear back the next time I play. Also try scrolling to the bottom and check there also. I have had an issue where when removing from the wheel something bugs and there is a blank in the inventory that I can not fill. Logging out has generally helped the issue.

Thank you for your answer but our things dont remove. Toberot logged in, played the game and lost stuff, he logged out and logged in look in the inventory and no stuff is back. So we lost a lot of things and they dont come back :frowning:

Hello @Turgron, thank you for reaching out!

Could you describe the exact steps taken for the disappearing item issue to occur?

Was the character overloaded at the time or did it have a large amount of items in its inventory?

Thank you @Hugo for your answer. I had talk with Toberot. And he was at the Buccaneer bay and here he dive. After the dived he lost the sandstorm mask and the star metal skinning knife and the final breath of the red mother.
Before he was dive he take the knife and the other things from the wheel to the inventory and after he dive the things were gone. The dive again and look into the crates (under water)if he lost here the things but he can’t find the things.

Than he lost things under the temple of the frost (at the map at 13 D/E) he was looking for star metal and he take the lying bastard sword and the blad of the adventure from the wheel to the inventory and take the bow and arrow at the wheel. After the finished the first search he look in the inventory and the swords are gone.

At the time the lost three sandstorm masks, two blad of the adventurer, one lying bastard sword and one final breath of the red mother and two star metalskinning knifes.

And with this places he wasn’t be overloaded because he start to dive or the search for star metal.

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