BUG with thrall food time left

Game mode: Online Official 1504
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVE
Region: Americas

Thrall food time left countdown timer. I have been thinning out my thrall population, and I noticed it was taking longer than the 7 days the timer initial says when you remove all access to food. So this second batch of thralls I setup a countdown timer on my phone to match their Food time left. Right now my phone is showing 12 hours left, but the Food time left on the thralls is at 1D 18H 44M… why such a big discrepency?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. set thralls to die, remove food and access to thrall pots
  2. set timer outside of game to match thrall food time left.
  3. wait a few days and the timers will no longer be the same. ingame time is off.
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Hey @philman

Thanks for your feedback.
Does this issue only happen in this server in particular or have you experienced it in single-player/other servers?

Does decay factor into this? Like I assume you moved these Thralls away from the main camp, away from any buildings or whatever. I have no idea, so just throwing that thought out there.

I only play on offical 1504, and only use single player for build testing so I cannot say if this happens in other instances. My guess is that this is due to the server technology that de-spawns areas when no one is around. Our server has been pretty quiet lately.

My base is on a big hill top near the hand of the maker, and I have moved the thralls to die to the far end of my base. The base is still active and refreshed daily, but the thrall food timer counts down slower than it says.

The thralls are still near active buildings that are being refreshed. just far enough away from thrall pots so they do not get any food. I did notice i had to pick up all of my thrall pots to reset them otherwise they kept taking food even though they should have been out of range. once i picked up the thrall pots after moving the thralls, then they finally stopped taking food.

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i can confirm this, i noticed it was going slower than the estimates, they will however eventually die, so it not really critical in my eyes.

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Back when the thrall feeding was first released I was reading reports about thralls abandoned by other player not disapearing 7days after the feeding requirement activation … so I decided to test for myself. I put a tier 1 thrall caught in the starting area well away from my base and left him without food. I checked him on a daily basis …
I found that it took approximately 10 days for a tier1 thrall to die from starvation so the timer displayed and actual time to start starving does not match.
This was on an official PvE server, oceanic region.

But like Palm522, as he did eventually die (the thrall that is not Palm522), I did not see it critical to make a formal bug report as I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice another thrall and be more meticulous about tracking the thrall hunger meter and time such as the OP has done. I think I did comment into the active thread at the time that I tested and the thrall died at 10 days post-food withdrawal.

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yeah I know they do eventually die, but the process takes a bit longer than proposed. For example, 2 of these thralls were at 6 hours yesterday evening around 8 PM Eastern. So in theory they should have died well before I check on them at 10 AM Eastern today. At 10 AM they were still alive and kicking and as soon as I got near them they finally started to lose hit points and died within a couple minutes.

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