Bugg for animal breeding, thank you for your help

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hello, first of all thank you for this game, it is not perfect but it’s the second time I install it to play so I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile:

but I have a problem, once the enclosures are made, I install the baby animals, I give them the food, they grow up and once the progression is over when they disappear from the enclosure and do not appear anywhere.
I do not have them either in the inventory, in the pens or in the cages just in case.
In fact I think the first time I played, I had less bug or so in any case I did not feel the need to come here to ask a little help.
I also finished the dungeon of “Jhebbal Sag” but I cannot access his religion or monument to pray.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.I made the 3 pens, put several baby animals (hyenas, rhinos, turtles…) with food to make them grow (grass, raw meat…) which works because I see the progression towards adulthood.
Then once arrived at the end the animal disappears when it should be adult and be able to put it in my inventory.

Regards and thank you again

I’m sorry, I may be speaking badly in English:)
but there is no question of distance, I stay to wait and see the progress of my baby animals so that they become adults and when that happens the pen becomes virgin in front of my character. No adult animals and no more babies, the pen remains empty.
I switched to administrator mode and I accelerated the speed of the passage of animals into adults, it doesn’t change anything, they disappear.
Actually I can’t do training, I’m at level 62 and I’ve been trying since I got to level 20, I waited to find the dungeon of “Jhebbal Sag” to see if it would change anything…but I finished the dungeon, I don’t have the new religion and I don’t have any animals that grow up to play with my character or create a pet store.
Again, thank you.

Do you have any mods installed … I bring it up as you said level 62 … Perhaps a typing mistake (maximum level with no mods is 60)
If you are using mods then back up your saved game and then try removing each mod to see if it is a mod-conflict

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I already finished the game once when it was released, and at the time I was using mods like the one to add levels (78, I think).
Even now I still use some of them that I can name:

Lotr v0.0.18 -conans Lotr v0.0.18
-weapons shield bundle
-exposed armor HD 2018
-less building placement restrictions
-litman weight
-pause on escape
-first hand gathering
-litman level 78
-litman item stack & container size
_hyborian rare weaponry
-litman loot legendary chests
-Niflheimr minimap

only these last three have been added to my first part
the others… I finished the game already once with and without worries.
I’ll take your advice and take these three off to see.
thank you

ok thanks, I’ll try and I’ll let you know


I thank you it was not a bug so it was 2 mods that were messing with me.
These are:
dyemorebetter and fast hand gathering that made them worry and didn’t allow animals to appear, so the problem was solved.
thank you to you


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