Worries or bugg for animal breeding, thank you for your help

hello, first of all thank you for this game, it is not perfect but it’s the second time I install it to play so I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile:

but I have a problem, once the enclosures are made, I install the baby animals, I give them the food, they grow up and once the progression is over when they disappear from the enclosure and do not appear anywhere.
I do not have them either in the inventory, in the pens or in the cages just in case.
In fact I think the first time I played, I had less bug or so in any case I did not feel the need to come here to ask a little help.
Because I have 1 other bugg, I put foundations on which I can not and only they build there the buildings of religion, they appear on part of the foundations but if I shift them they disappear ?? not understand why … the latter not more important than that, I would like to find an answer to that of animals that I can not raise suddenly.

I am French, not speaking good English I used google translate hoping that you can understand me well.
Regards and thank you again

@Piratair Salut,

Avez-vous surveillé le moment où l’élevage s’est terminé ?
Je vous suggère de signaler ce bug sur le sous-forum approprié pour le moment.

L’un des problèmes connus avec les édifices religieux est que l’amélioration d’un autel (d’ensemble) entraînera son avancement d’environ un bloc de fondation.

PS : En traduisant sur https://www.deepl.com/translator, vous obtiendrez une traduction légèrement meilleure que si vous traduisiez sur Google Translate.

Thank you for your answer. I will create a new post then in the bug category.
I also thank you for the link for the translation that I put immediately in my favorites.

For the question, the answer is yes, I monitor the progress of my animals and in the end they disappear in front of me.
Yes and to complete my request, I put myself in admin and I reduced the gestation time for the creation of adult animals. The concern remains the same.

for the creation of religious monuments, I will check that it is not that.

Ceux qui meurent ou disparaissent lorsqu’ils ont assez de nourriture étaient censés avoir été complètement réparés avec des mises à jour faites à la fin de l’année dernière, si je me souviens bien.

Bonne chance

encore merci pour cette nouvelle réponse.
Comme tu me réponds en francais ,je le ferai dans les deux langues,j’ai acheté le jeu sur Steam,les mises a jour se font automatiquement surtout que j’ai téléchargé le jeu ,il y a à peine 1 semaine.
Mais ce que tu décris est complétement mon bug,une fois que la nourriture est finie ,ils disparaissent.


thank you again for this new answer.
As you answer me in French, I will do it in both languages, I bought the game on Steam, the updates are automatically done especially since I downloaded the game, only 1 week ago.
But what you describe is completely my bug, once the food is finished, they disappear.

thank you

No problem.


I thank you it was not a bug so it was 2 mods that were messing with me.
These are:
dyemorebetter and fast hand gathering that made them worry and didn’t allow animals to appear, so the problem was solved.
thank you to you


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