Items, creations, animals and buildings disappearing

Game mode: [Online | PVE PLAYER X Environment]
Problem: [Items, buildings, animals disappearing]
Region: [LATAM]

My creations, constructions, animals in the corral, products like 200 alchemical base, spider, dunes terror, hyena zombie and other things disappeared

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Disappear when the creation process is finished or when the session ends

Hey there @Mordekaiser, welcome to the forums!

We’re sorry for your loss, can you reproduce this issue consistently or was it a one time occurrence?

Did you have any relevant information present in the Event Log?

simple, on the 11th of this month, part of my constructions and fabrications disappeared, animals inside the corral and even the corral, I put to manufacture alchemical base and hyena zombie and disappeared everything

I got the same problems for a few days now.

Official server 3179, PS4.

I bought the game like 1 week ago, got raided after 2 days so we did move our bases to the other side of the map closer to our allies.

So when i made my new base, i did put ceillings on the 1st,2nd floors and on the roof.

Yesterday and 2 days before that, the ceilling on the 2nd floor and roof did disappear (1st floor didnt, all of them got a pillar)

Both of the days on the same spot and the same ceillings.

Nothing got stolen, no info in the event logs.

Yesterday i got log, because i noticed the missing ceillings before the enemy did reach the top of my building.

It will be pretty sad that my loot gets stolen when they are missing again and im not online.

Edit:: The first disappearing happened when i logged in, so might be because of ending the session the night before it.

The disappearing yesterday happened after the update or after logging out that night before the update.

Im sure its a bug, because its the same spot every time and there are no logs of it.

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exactly this, the same symptoms, I lost many hours of game …

Your issue may be stability. Craft a repair hammer and check the adjoining pieces. If they are 20 stability, it won’t work and you need pillars.

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Did you check the decay timer? Again, use a repair hammer and it will tell you how long before it goes away.

Undead hyenas also have a decay timer. They will die off unless you place them on the ground wityhin a certain amount of time.

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my friend ,This is CERTAINLY a BUG, ​​slug potions have disappeared, alchemical base, buildings, slaves … the game has problems that need to be solved if we keep closing our eyes and inventing apologies , they will continue to ignore us, it was not the first time and it will not be the last, it has happened to other people and it has become more and more frequent,the servers are unstable and this needs to be solved ,i Just want my itens back…

I would suggest walls instead of pillars. There is a known issue with pillars currently that they are patching.

Doesn’t sound like a bug to me, sounds like purge damage or decay. Have you searched your event log for any information? You open the event log in the options menu the press square to populate the information.

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"Purge damage ", “pillars” really?
You talk serious ?

Wouldn’t waste your time or mine giving you poor information.

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Spoke to a player just last night who was wondering why part of his base disappeared. He had no idea about decay timers, and 20 minutes into the chat he mentioned his purge meter was down. He’d had a purge, and the damage and loss were from the attack.

Some potions have decay timers. That won’t show up in the log. Everything else does.

@Mordekaiser Unfortunately we’re unable to assist with lost items, apologies for that.

We’ve asked you for additional details that would help us identify the cause for the disappearance of your items, such as if this was a first time occurrence and if there was any relevant information in the Event Log, in order to determine if there was indeed an issue or not, so please provide us with the requested information so that we may provide further assistance.

@Wak4863 and @speedice also made good points as they kindly chose to contribute to this post, so please acknowledge the time and effort they spent in trying to help with this matter’s resolution.

There are some mechanics that may easily lead to users to believe that they were affected by an issue, which might not always be the case. For this reason it’s important for us to determine what really happened through gathering as much information as possible, which is why you’re being asked all these questions. Please bear with us and try to go into as much detail as possible, thanks!

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