Problem with animal den

i have a problem with pets and animal taming , when i try pick up baby animal they disappear and when i try make animal dens it says unable to craft even when i have all needed resources and i dont find animal dens in admin panel . So is this a bug or i have missed out some new updates

first thing to check: are you using any mods with your game? if yes, then check that they’ve been updated to be compatible with the latest patches
if no mods … the animal pens are a feat to select in the same area as the thrall taming wheel of pain. When you have it feated, then you make the animal pens in the carpenter’s bench.

You pick up baby animals and they go into your inventory. They have a decay timer and you have until then to put them in a pen with food. Note: you can put them in a preservation box (with a piece of ice) and it halts their decay timer. Eggs need to be hatched before going into pens.

Thanks for your help turns out one of the mods that i was using caused this problem

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