Hi All, Animal Pens

I am in Isle Of Siptah and have placed both Standard and Armored Pen but nothing will que in crafting. Have been playing for quite some time, so all the right food is also in the pen. Is this a Bug or is there some new way of getting grown pets from the Pens? Cheers

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All animal pens function the same.

Place the baby animal in the top section and wiki an appropriate food. Make sure any “Stop/Play” button is set to play (cant remember if there is one) and it will progress.

Are you trying to tame a horse in the Animal pen? Or animals in a stable?

You need a “baby pet” (e.g. hatchling, cub, shoat, calf, etc.) and you need to place it in the top bar of the pen’s inventory. In the bottom section of the inventory, you put the food the baby needs. Unlike the wheel of pain, just 1 food item per baby is enough.

No go sorry. As I said I have played a long time. Trying both Animal Pen and Stables. All food in and animals in correct area. Their is NO Button to activate in either Stable or Pen. Thanks anyway.

are you playing with any mods activated ? if so , and since there was a recent patch ( meaning some of the mods may be not “up to date” with the new patch ) I would go on the steam workshop page of each mode to find the culprit ;). if you are playing solo , have you touched the server settings ?

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@Ice1 ,Welcome to the forum . Can you send a video so I can understand , my English are not the best , thank you .

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