Bugs after last patch

Hello, ive been playing Conan Exiles for last month on official server 1143, but after last patch i got some new bugs. Me and my clan has built new base a week ago, and installed trebuchet on the roof of our building, 2 days ago it got destroyed by decay system for 1 night (we are playing daily whole siege time (18.00-00.00 +2 - 5 more hours). I checked trebuchet decay timer on offline server is 90 hours, so how it could decay for 1 night? Also we had 1 large chest on 50% filled with orbs, one day they has gone too (my clan is my real family members, so not stolen for sure). Since we has built our base we made storage room and placed ~250 large chests, we locked it all but every morning they are opening back. So we need to start our day with locking all of this before siege time. Wheel of pain reset was fixed 2 days ago with your patch, thralls are not reseting anymore, but every night craft process is stopping, so we need to wait more time until end and press play button every morning on all wheels of pain (placed in different spots). Since im playing i have big problems with finding my dead body, marker never shows correct place (if its appears), its showing area around, and body itself is invisible. Me and my clan lost lots of armor/weapons because of this problem. Body just falling in textures and never appears back. And big part of lost loot was in volcano, since dying in there is very easy and body can roll down in lava (becomes not available to loot it) or simply disappear in stone textures.
Also since update Refreshment Statues in house (we have 6 of them) are not refiling until next day (until server reset i suppose).
I have a vault installed near base, but its decay timer never stable: first time it showed me 10 hours (next day after i placed it), next time was 30 h and last time was 144 h, so i just hope it wont disappear same as trebuchet.
Also since patch i cant skip video after game start, it takes time to login each time watching it (i`m pressing mouse buttons/space/enter/esc, but no reaction).
And at the end i would like to ask if there is any way to get information about items destroyed by system, where exactly it was placed, or we need to make researches on all our foundation to find which one left today?
Thank you for your time.

Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the PC Updates and Bug Reports topic for better visibility on the issues.

The orbs were deleted from everyone in the June 15th patch due to duplicators, many suffer for the actions of a few…
I also had a trebuchet disappear overnight, it was on the roof of my base (decay of 144 hours) which was made of sandstone triangles and square roof tiles. Built it, used it for the journey step, left it for my clanmates to use and when I logged in the next day it was gone - siege foundation listed as wiped by the decay system in the event log.

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Found some new :slight_smile:
Merging 2 clans makes fighters of leaving clan to attack all members of united one. (luckly we had only 2 placed fighters, so killed them)
Camera freezing after death until revive, so localizing your body became even harder. (found my body by randomly clicking E in area, it was invisible in textures)
Application error appears 2-3 times per day and closing game client: The instruction at 0xfda41b54 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written. (have screenshot, but cant upload as new member)

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