BUGS ONE X conan exiles

Hello, funcom

I signal you some trouble in the game solo / coop / multi

  • Worries of display of textures in the distance, example a temple on a mountain 1 not in front it is displayed 1 step back it disappears idem for the mountain.
  • Worries on the level of the Ferris wheel of the sulfur, the feet as head is offbeat.
  • depending on the area where we are there is a drop in framerate, some moments or that lag
  • in the forest area when the rain is built, it also falls inside the building, as in the snow zone is the same.
  • some decorative object disappears when we are 2 meters, then when we return 2 meters before the object is back.
  • basic construction, temple, wheel of suffering etc … we also have problems of display at 100 meters.

finally here I hope that it will be able to help you improved the game on one x, in addition to all the novelty to come.