Bugs with Building, Admin Teleport, and Logging into Server

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We are unsure of how this issue has happened. The admins on our server hosted through GPortal are experiencing complications with building and placing objects.
The game gives us no reason in text to stop us from placing anything from a piece of furniture, to a foundation for a building. This has especially been noticed after the use of the Ghost admin command. Disabling it has given us some relief, however, there are times when it is completely random with no sign of fixing. It is crucial bug that has also begun to affect some non-admin players in the server who have received items from our admins. We are unsure of how to fix this, as relogging into the server, rebooting the server, and even restarting the app has brought us nothing to go on.
We are all on the PS4 platform. I’m hoping this will be enough to go on as far as bug reporting goes.

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Hello @ryanxnichols, welcome to the forums!

We’ll register the occurrence for our team to look into, if you could share additional details or even a short video of the issue happening it would be extremely helpful as to helping us replicate it.

Regarding the game not providing any sort of message, does that happen with both players and admins?

When you’re unable to place something, does swapping to a different placeable, putting it down, then reverting to the previous one allow you to place it?

Are the server settings at default and can it happen in any location?

Does it affect all players on the server simultaneously?

Does it happen only when using admin spawned items?
What if the afflicted player tries to place down player crafted items?

We’ve done a bit more investigating into the issue, and realized it is mostly only admins. We’re not sure which command mode it is now, as the error seems to take place in both God mod and Demigod mode as well.
I found that after i disabled each command and killed my character, the issue was no longer present. I was able to recollect the items on my dead character and use them without limitation.
After using some of the commands again, the issue would pop up once more. A bit of messing around found that it was happening anywhere on the map, but was also creating a proximity around the player rather than fully disabling the ability to build. The “anti build” proximity was different with each Admin after it was addressed, but it seemed disabling each command and then dying was our only way of getting this issue to stop for a bit.
So far, this is a review;

  1. Engage in Ghost, God, or Demi-God mode.
  2. Spawn in items using the Admin Panel.
  3. Deactivate one of the Admin states (Ghost, God, Demi) and activate another Admin State (Ghost, God, Demi)
  4. Attempt to build. Chances are you may have difficulties placing items. There will be no “Failed to Build” or “Improper placement” notification. If you extend the piece out about 15 feet in game, you will find that the piece will place. However, you will find that getting closer to the placed piece, you will be given the “Failed to Build” Notification Text. The proximity seems to vary.
    We’ve not been able to figure out what affects the proximity, and we can never really get a perfect recreation of the bug, but this seems to be the easiest way to recreate it.

The server settings aren’t far from default other than a few exp and harvest multipliers being changed. Structure damage is off most of the time.

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