Build in Storm?

So by the “Storm no longer damages buildings” am i to understand that we can now build inside the storm area on spitath??

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Yes! You may now build inside the Storm area :wink:

Check the whole Patch Notes here:

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Amazing :smiley: Starting to do that now, but the big 3skull elites will attack my base every Storm right?

I certainly hope so. That is my main source of essences.

I found 3 high grade essences in chests in the big towns in like 15 minutes.

OH OK… well that works well then. I guess I can dismantle my boss trap base now. It only existed to draw in bosses. Good news is I can also redeploy the thrall army I have there lol.

So do we have confirmation that the storm bosses will not longer be attracted to builds in the storm?

Yeah, use it for the purges :smiley: Maybe i got lucky with the 3, but they do drop from the Metal Chests in the camps.

Best I ever did in my boss trap was 13 of the major essences. typically I would get 8-11 each time I set the trap.

Hey @Vehrym,

Your base should be safe, unless you get a purge :wink:
And for Private servers this setting can be used to change it: Siege Elder Things Enabled.


Oh OK… so If I have that on the Bosses will still attack the base? Hmm… I may have to keep it then. Depending on the drops mentioned above.

I think he means they dont unless the option is turned on.

Yes, I am on a private server so I could keep it turned on.

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