Building an online, solo, purge meter

I forget where I read about how building purge meter works, something like 48k actions?

Well, as a solo player on pve c, I’ve been traversing the map back and forth, east to west in my adventures, and my purge meter has been climbing fast. I think in 3 days, I’ve built it 75%.

Hope this tip helps.

In my experience, the be-all, end-all metric is how much time you spend online. What you do while online does matter, but comes a distant second (as a solo). Things are different for clans where someone or other is likely to be online sooner rather than later.

But I will definitely keep track of this topic and see what, if any, tips are available.

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I’ve been hunting Grr legbitter for his useless armor, has me running all the exiles camp from dregs to jungle. At 90%, this will be my 7th purge, so need to go back and shore up my not-topless amazons

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